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Jan 28, 2022

The Good Doctors are back with you to talk about Episode 6 'Gelignite.' They don't have a lot of time for the drama between Peter and Margaret and instead spend the recap discussing the Queen's visit to Northern Ireland, why it's so bloody complicated, and what it means to have an 'Orangeman's welcome.'

Watch the original video here!

Show Notes:

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We love podcasts. We love David Tennant. So when David Tennant decided to do a podcast, we were in like Flynn. David Tennant Does a Podcast With is catnip for The Good Doctors. Each episode features a chat with a different human - usually an actor, musician, or politician. David is kind, witty, and thoughtful, as we all knew he would be, and it makes him a fabulous interviewer. We’re telling you about this podcast because it’s an excellent empathy exercise. Empathy is all about asking questions and listening, it’s a simple, yet difficult, place to start. These convos are perfect for the morning commute or short flight - a little learning, a little laughter, and away you go! You can find David Tennant Does a Podcast With on the internets and anywhere you get a podcast.