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Sep 10, 2021

Though episode 3 wasn't a favorite, The Good Doctors find plenty to talk about, from Zemo as a villain, to dime-store Cap's character development, to the re-introduction of Sharon Carter.

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Show Notes:

Vulture recap

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I love true crime - learning about it, thinking about motivations and realities. I also love laughing, relationships, warm conversations between friends, and righteous anger over the terrible things humans do to each other. All of this is why I love the Sinisterhood podcast. Hosted by Christie Brown and Heather McKinney, the pod covers crimes we’ve all heard of - your Jeanbenes, your Nexiums - and ones you haven’t - like Gwen Shamblin and the Weighdown workshop. Told with research rigor, empathy, and humor - I cannot recommend this one highly enough. Find Sinisterhood pod anywhere you find podcasts.